Outsider Art

Dimanche 31 janvier 2021 à 14h00
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The 357 lots of the sale come from the Collection " DIDIER SIMON ".

The artists are mostly French and Anglo-Saxon, often grouped under the following headings

the terms of Singular Art (for French people) or Outsider Art (for foreigners).

The collection acquired over a period of twenty years owes its coherence to the choice of

of works where colour, the power of themes and expression predominate,

and is characterized by the surprising creativity of these self-taught artists.

The majority of the works on paper are presented under matting (and therefore directly framed).

From lot n° 1 to lot n° 222

French Artists :

ALBASSER Pierre, ALLIVET Fabien, ANTO, ARNEODO Alain, BAGRAT Alexandre, BESSIN Catherine, BRET Annie, BUERHLE Astrid, CASADO Dan, CHANOIR Jean, CHESNÉ Jean-Michel, CHRISTOPHE, CHROBOCZEK Hanna, CROZAT Caroline, DAEMS Maggie, DAHYOT Caroline, DECROUZOL Paul, DEPADOVA Valérie, DUPIRE Catherine, DURANEL Jean, EMILION Coralie, ERNO - Renaud SIMON dit, GIRAUD, GIRERD Christophe, GOUDIER Adrien, GOUX Claudine, GRASJACQ Jacques, GUEGAN Denis, HENRY Jean-Paul, JABER, JUILLIARD Michel, KEROZEN, LABIT Danielle, LACHANIETTE Basile, LAJAMEUX, LARUS Eliane, LAUDAC - Laurent DACHET dit, LE NEN Bernard, LOGOVARDA, LOUBET Olivier, MAINA, MARCEL Pascal, MARJAN, MARTINERY Philippe, MATEMMA DALLOCHIO Frances, MEUNIER Jean-Raymond, MORVAN Christelle, PARRA DEL POZZO, PATBA 58, PAUL, Pascal VOCHELET dit, PAUZIE Alain, PESSOA Isabel, PHILIPPI Jean-Christophe, PHILIPPOT Renaud, RABANELLY Alain, REY Robert, RIBEIRO Manuel, RICO, RIEUX Jean-François, RODE Jacques, SABAN ODY, SAMARINE Valentin, SCOTT Walter, SEB - Sébastien GALISSANT dit, SENDREY Gérard, STAËLENS Ghyslaine and Sylvain, STANI, STARK Jean, STEMMELIN Luc, TAJIOUTI Abdelkrim, TERRA Béatrice, VAYNSHTEYN Vladimir, VINCENT Arthurine, WURTZ Etienne.

From Lot 223 to Lot n° 357

Foreign Artists:

BANKS Mickael, BOU Irène, CARP Mattew, CHANDLER Steven, DAMIAN Mickael, DANIELSON Becky,DAVMO - David MORRIS says, FELICI Paco, FINK Gus, GIORDANI Chris, GOSS Edward, HASS Kurt Joseph, HOUKE Eric, HUGHART Jeff, JESSOME Len, KEEMO, LAW Ken, MCKIE John, MIKLOS Nemeth, MONROE Melissa, OBRIEN Benjamin, PEEK Nose, PYPER Ian, RENO Jesse, RICO 2, SISI Julia, VUITTONET Louis, WARMENHOVEN David, WILL Bill, YOUNG Purvis.

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