Raymond Queneau

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Raymond Queneau
4 autograph letters signed to Henri Parisot. 4 pp. in-8. Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat [and Paris], 1942-1967. "A card from my secretary tells me that the C. de C. [censorship commission] has refused the choice of V.H. I am sorry. According to the rules, we will be able to resubmit the book in x amount of time (3 months, I think) [...]. Do you have Maryen's address? If you have the opportunity to write to her, can you ask her to remove the reference to a "horrible series of "-sion "s!) of the St. Ex. in the Arbalète because the mss I had given to Barbezat does not suit her [...]. I have sent the book that you had entrusted to me. I hope that Char will have received it by now [...]". "Please find enclosed Un Poëme - general title (there are 4 of them all called Un Poème) [...]". "I have spoken to Gaston and Claude Gallimard about your project (new translation of Alice), they do not think that their program allows them to consider it, the same is true for Edward Lear. I am sorry about that [...]".
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