JAPON - Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868),
XIXe siècle

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Estimation :
6000 - 8000 EUR
JAPON - Epoque EDO (1603 - 1868),
XIXe siècle

Composite armor:
- Kabuto with thirty-two slats, unsigned, shikoro with four slats laced with green, fukigaeshi decorated with a môn katabami, kuwagata out of gilded copper.
- Mempo of ressei type in black and red lacquered iron on the inside, yodarekake with four strips (missing moustache, restorations).
- Sode with four strips laced with blue.
- Go mai do in black lacquered iron laced with blue.
- Jinbaori in red and black felted wool decorated with a môn called nakawa no uchi ni ken katabami reminiscent of the Sakai.
- Shino suneate (accidental).
- Shino gote (damaged).
- Kawara haidate (damaged).
- Lacquered iron kusazuri (detached).
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