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This sale brings together 352 drawings, paintings and sculptures by thirty-four French and foreign artists, most of them self-taught.

From the spontaneous, gushing, immediate writing of a Jaber or a Renaud Philippot to the structured yet deconstructed forms of a Logovarda or a Jean-Paul Muslin. From Virginie Hils' theatrical characters, now actors and directors of their own tragedies or comedies, to Young Purvis' delicate, complex, colorful, dreamlike compositions. From Naji Asmah, Delphine Cadoré and Coralie Emilion to the powerful, striking naiveté of Mohamed Babahoum, from the mystical universe of one to that of the exuberant Fink Gus...

Hamid Aït DADA :

Hamid Aït Dada (or DADDA) died in 2022 at the age of 92. Born in the Essaouira region, of the Haha tribe, Hamid came from a fairly well-off family. Deeply affected by the death of his mother, he suffered from his father's remarriage and felt unable to live with his new family, so at a very young age he left home to go to Essaouira, then travelled to Morocco's major cities. Hamid AIT DADA is presented at the Fabuloserie-Paris - in collaboration with Philippe Saada's Escale Nomad gallery, which has been supporting his work for several years.

Naji ASMAH :

Moroccan, she lived in the countryside at Ounagha in the Essaouira region, her date of birth uncertain for lack of documentation. A latecomer to painting, she paints in oils, even going so far as to use car oil, giving her works a surprising brilliance. It wasn't obvious that an artist living in isolation in the countryside would be familiar with the works of Adolf Wolffi. Yet Naji interweaves her figures in a style very similar to that of her illustrious predecessor, and is represented in numerous collections.

Mohammed BABAHOUM:

He was born some thirty kilometers from Essaouira, in a village surrounded by argan trees. As an adult, he fled the agricultural work in his village and moved closer to Essaouira, where he became a scrap metal dealer and second-hand goods dealer, supplying the souk merchants with everything he could find. As he neared old age, a little by chance or through idleness, he began to draw. Initially, he drew with a ballpoint pen on the backs of used sheets of paper, or on the blank backs of maintenance manuals. Later, he abandoned waste paper in favor of thicker cardboard packaging. Using a black felt-tip pen, he sketches the silhouettes of his figures. His world is populated by donkeys, oases, ducks, wells, souks, carpets, palms, walls, goats in the trees and old men waving their canes at the sky.

Catherine BESSIN:

You'll meet her in the streets of Saint-Brieuc, in front of her café on a bar terrace or sitting on a bench... She carries large tote bags to protect her works, all created with Bic tips on paper bags, crates, etc. Catherine Bessin frequents downtown Saint-Brieuc, the town where she was born on August 6, 1962. A singular, slightly bohemian artist, trained at the Quimper Fine Arts School, she is not indifferent to the talent scouts she seduces with her works fashioned from discarded materials here and there.


Painter, sculptor and lithographer, born in Paris in 1925, died in Poissy in 2020. After the war, in the prosperous years of St Germain des Prés, he was close to Boris Vian, and his work, which can be likened to action painting, is particularly renowned in the USA, where he lived and taught. His paintings and decorations on the theme of space earned him commissions from NASA, which sent signed works into space, such as his famous "Charlie dans l'infini" in 1984. His paintings are in the collections of some forty American museums. In Paris, he restored the painted ceilings of the Lasserre restaurant.

Coralie EMILION :

Born in Pessac in 1978, she lives and works in Paris, where she has held several exhibitions, including at the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris in 2006 and 2009. Coralie's works are like a naked obsession that travels within each of us, mingling drama and laughter in the great ocean of bodies, with the soul as a captain. Follow the thread of this opening light... Stéphane LECOQ

Fink GUS:

Gus Fink was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania, drawing a world of imaginary characters from an early age. Fascinated by comics, films and videos, as well as toys, he opened his own "Strange Monster" store at the age of 20, selling everything he liked. It was also a way for him to sell his own creations and test them with his customers. At the age of 22, he made a name for himself in art galleries and on the Internet. A lot of work, but the first results are there; invited to shows and galleries in the United States and abroad, Gus Fink is making a name for himself in the outsider art market.

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