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Tuesday, May 23 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Gisèle LACROIX(born in 1935), sculptor

Originally from Lyon, Gisèle Lacroix lives in Paris where she teaches in a school of architecture.

She has always thought of her sculpture in close connection with the urban and architectural environment.

Frail silhouettes that take shape under her fingers,

her characters seem to cross the walls of imaginary cities. They flush out blocks of rock, lean into gaping openings, sail on light boats, running towards an unknown, ineluctable destiny, beyond infinite time.

Gisèle Lacroix has chosen to work directly with plaster. She appreciates this material for its malleability, its numerous possibilities of aspect, smooth or rough, the tensions that it allows thanks to fine wire frames, metallic rods. She uses a very fine and very white plaster of Paris. She usually starts with a simple idea, without any preliminary drawing.

Proportions, movements, take shape as she goes along.

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