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Sale information

Christmas Sale - Sale of Various Books (Starting price 1€)

Books selected for their quality, content and condition.

Condition mentioned for each book:

- New condition in blister pack

- Like New Condition - Book considered as never opened

- Very Good Condition - Used but still in very good condition

- Good Condition - Used condition, book has been used but remains in good condition

(Most of the defects are indicated. Some books having belonged to private individuals, Libraries or Booksellers, one can find inscriptions, numbering, shipments, Etc... the concerned books are informed as "Very Good Condition or Good Condition", even if their real condition could be "As New".

Request additional information at

Various topics :

Art, History & Religion of Antiquity (Italy, Near & Middle East) / India / Far East (China, Japan) / Primitive Arts / Byzantine Art / Pre-Columbian Mexico / Celtic Art / Middle Ages / Renaissance,Ancient and Modern Fine Arts, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Architecture, Urbanism, Design, Contemporary Art, Photography, Literature, Leisure, Fashion, Hunting, World, France (History & Heritage), Paris, Kings & Queens, Important figures (Napoleon), French Revolution / Empire and other small themes...Starting price 1€.

Tessier-Sarrou will not send the lots purchased by the client.

After reception of the invoice and the payment at the Tessier-Sarrou's office, the lots will be to withdraw at 17 Rue Beffroy, 92200 Neuilly-Sur-Seine, by appointment.

Contact : E-Mail :

This contact (+ E-Mail), is already available for any possible question concerning the sale: state of the books / taking of purchase orders / additional information for the delivery / Etc.

For reasons of space, we will be obliged to apply storage fees beyond a delay of one month following the closing date of the sale (from January 31, 2023), at the rate of 1€ per lot and per day of delay.

(new measures concerning abandoned lots are to be taken into account)

For any other question concerning the delivery of your purchases, thank you to contact directly a transport company (after validation of your payment and reception of your paid adjudication slip):

- The company MAIL BOXES: / +33 (0) 1 84 19 39 33

- The company THEPACKENGERS: / Tel: +33 (0) 1 76 44 00 90

- The company TEDDY'S PARTNER: / +33 (0) 1 42 50 27 94 (Carrier on Paris and its Near Suburbs)

- The company ART & COLLECTION : / +33 (0) 1 60 21 58 57

We remind you that the Tessier-Sarrou firm will not send the lots purchased by the customer.

Sales conditions