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Michel Gueranger was born in 1941 and lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués, this painter, graphic artist, photographer and performer has been building a rich and diverse body of work since the mid-1960s.

Michel Guéranger founds the group SPACE with Jean Allemand and Maxime Defert. Through an innovative discourse, these precursors of the 3D image explored the problems of space: physics of forms, art of tension, space-time hypergeometry and vibratory masses of light.

He then integrated a temporal dimension through speed - collaboration with the world of the automobile and aerospace industries.

His experiences lead him to deepen a partial approach to the Universe, underlining the correspondences between the different cosmic scales - the Infinitely Large, Fractal Altitudes and Altitude Paintings - and the Infinitely Small in the artistic macrophotographs of his "Metamorphoses of Water".

Michel Guéranger has also made himself famous by having realized a chromatic performance on the summit of Mont Blanc, which was broadcasted in the international press and media.

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