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vendredi 23 avril 2021 14:00
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MARINE & VOYAGE / Petitcollot Collection and others

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Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 April from 11 am to 6 pm

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A brother

For my 40th birthday, I rented the bisquine from Cancale to sail to the island of Chausey with my brother, our families and a group of faithful friends.

At the end of the day, as we sailed around the island, our footsteps naturally led us to Marin-Marie's house.

I still remember the words of my brother, moved to walk in the footsteps of the painter, and explaining to me with his usual elegance, the reasons for his admiration.

I found in a catalogue, many years later, an addition to the description of a painting, which clearly underlined my brother's deep tenderness for Marin-Marie:

"The reserves on the sea allowing holes of light to appear add a striking relief to it. The communion between the strong sea and the reduced sail shows that the painter, beyond his talent, was a great sailor."

I followed my brother from his first sales, and he already had this verve allowing him to always add an anecdote, a point of history to the objects he presented.

This habit has never left him and unlike most experts who read their catalogues mechanically, Bruno was always enthusiastic about enlightening an instrument, a painting, a model, with his multiple knowledge.

When presenting an octant, he was always happy to point out the three origins of the instrument: brass for the mineral, ebony for the vegetable and ivory for the animal.

His catalogues were often full of charm and refined to the extreme.

Time goes by, and very often, the desire to call him, when I laboriously struggle on a complicated description, takes hold of me.

During our last conversations, he assured me, with his mischievous air, that his life had been magnificent and that he had absolutely no regrets. Nice message to soften the pain of his loved ones.

I am thinking of him.


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