Russian ambassador’s Japanese swords

Wazkizashi sword from the Muromachi era (1333-1573) signed 'Munechika'
Estimate €8000-10,000 at Tessier Sarrou on May 18

Publish by Antiques Trade Gazette

On May 18 Paris auction firm Tessier Sarrou is selling the first part of a collection of Japanese swords.

Half a dozen of these were formerly part of the collection of George Petrovitch Bakhmeteff (1847-1928), dispersed in a sale at Drouot in January 1929.
Bakhmeteff served as the Russian ambassador to Japan from 1905-08 and then to Washington from 1911-17. After the Russian Revolution he lived in Paris.
Among the Bakhmeteff swords in this auction is this wazkizashi from the Muromachi era (1333-1573) signed Munechika. It measures 18 in (46 cm) in length, has a red lacquer scabbard and mounts and fittings that include a tsuba, fuchi kashira and a kozuka in iron, brass menuki and a gilt copper habaki.