CHINE - Epoque QIANLONG (1736 - 1795)

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CHINE - Epoque QIANLONG (1736 - 1795)
▲ Important peach in white nephritis and rust with relief decoration of two bats flying over the peach branches, a second smaller peach attached.
Height 8.5 cm. Length 10.5 cm.
Wooden base.

Bats and fishing represent the vows of blessing (bats) and longevity (fishing), as well as abundance and fertility.
The vow fu shou shuang quan expresses through homophony the vow of happiness and long life.

- Other jade peaches in Mr. S. C. Yu's collection, and illustrated in Ip Yee, Chinese Jade Carving, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1983, no. 195;
- Another in Paul Spheeris and Robert J. Poor, Jade as Sculpture, Minnesota Museum of Art, 1975, no. 16.

CHINA - QIANLONG Period (1736 - 1795)
A white jade and russet '"peach and bat" group

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