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14 autograph letters signed to Henri Parisot. 16 pp. in-8 and in-12. Some of them with the letterhead of the NRF or Mesures. Paris and Chatenay-Malabry. Only one is dated (1940). Beautiful friendly and bibliophilic correspondence. "If by any chance you were thinking of getting rid of your Bellmer - for example to exchange it (since it is double) for two gouaches by Michaux - I would be very interested in making the exchange. "Here are four tales. I can give them to you, if you like, for Miroirs, on the express condition that: they appear under the signature: MAAST. You must not tell anyone, not even your most trusted friend, that they are mine. It must be a secret between us [...]. They are not prose poems at all, but stories, which I would like to obey rules more precise than a sonnet, and invisible (it is perhaps a quite chimerical desire)". "I am very happy with this beautiful copy of Hoffmann. Thank you, my dear friend. Glad to find you in the Figaro, where Adrienne M. [Monnier] speaks of you." "I want to tell you right away, my dear friend, how happy I am with the first three volumes of the Golden Age. Thank you. Here is something that makes you breathe (I would like to give you a tale, too, some day). The Dudron is splendid. (I don't like Savinio's faces very much. It always seems to me that he forces himself. Still, there are some amazing things in Mercury) [...]". "I discovered in Seuls... [Seuls demeurent de René Char] page 48 a clover with 4 leaves. How can I still hesitate? I will do everything possible so that G.G. [Gaston Gallimard] to take the book [...]"
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