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13 letters and 6 cards, autograph signed, to Henri Parisot [11 are signed with his real name Louis Poirier]. 21 pp. in-8 and in-12. Quimper [he will be there from 1937 to 1939], [in the army], Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Caen [he will be there from 1942 to 1946] and Paris, no date. Beautiful correspondence that corresponds to the beginnings of Julien Gracq's literary activity. He agrees to entrust him with a few copies on large paper of Le Château d'Argol, and with texts for his review. "If I happen to write a text of the kind you indicate, I promise you that it will be for you, but my literary activity is rather intermittent and chess is more important to me than literature at the moment. The interest that you show in my work - however excessive the manifestation of it may seem to me - is very sensitive to me. I hardly hope to find understanding outside the surrealist milieu, but this world is hardly known to me except from the outside - I mean by a few books [...]". Mobilized on the front, he cannot provide him with literary works "(to be distinguished from certain "low pieces" - or quite low - whose Literary News brighten up my sight from time to time [...]". He is in Caen where he lives in the middle of "ruins and mud", sends him texts and asks him for proofs. "Mr. Corti may have told you that I had left Paris for Caen, where a more pleasant and above all more elastic work has attracted me [...]. Do you have any news about surrealism - I mean about those who embody it - because of course "surrealism is not dead" [...]". "Fata Morgana" by A. Breton is announced with an etching by Picasso [...]. It must be in printing according to what I read. I will try to get the Anthology of Black Humor at the address you give me in Marseille. I would be sorry to miss it. Did you know that Breton had written in "Fontaine" at the time when this magazine was published in Algiers? [...]". He mentions an English surrealist, Toni del Renzio, and his wife's translation of Le Château d'Argol. "For my part, I am done (platonically) with suicide since "Un Beau ténébreux" and I don't feel much taste. But I think that you have much more surrealist connections than I do. See if the thing interests you [...]". Henri Parisot came to see him in Saint-Florent, he evokes the memory, as well as their collaboration, etc.
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