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4000 - 6000 EUR
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Result : 5 120EUR
12 letters and 6 autograph cards signed + 1 typed letter signed, to Henri Parisot. One is illustrated with a small cryptogram of Max Ernst. One card is written on the back of an invitation to an opening of a Max Ernst exhibition. 23 pp. in-4, in-8 and in-12. New York, Sedona (Arizona), Reno (Nevada), Huismes and Seillans, 1948-1972. A preserved envelope. Interesting correspondence about their artistic and editorial collaboration. "Returning from New York I find your letter, and I hasten to send you photos (9 of Dorothea and 19 of myself) for Superior Unknown and for L'Imaginaire, for I suppose that collaboration in one of these magazines does not exclude the other. Almost all of these photos are unpublished. Exceptions: day and night has been published in its entirety, but not the 3 details that I am sending you. Same thing for the Stolen Mirror. An eager friend in a small art magazine (Art Vervo or something like that) which is practically unpublished. Same for The King playing with the Queen (Chess review). All the others unpublished [...]. As for our other projects: having gotten a better contract in New York (with the Knoedler Gallery this time), I will now be much more comfortable taking care of them, and will certainly do so soon. I'd like to do etchings (or perhaps lithographs) instead, if that's okay." "Here is the drawing for "Redburn". I hope the marbled light blue (evoking the ocean) will not present too much difficulty. In this case, you could use a blue close to the one on the back of the sample, and the letters should be left white (in this case only). Otherwise I would like you to use the color of the sample (for the letters) [...]". "Thank you very much for the volumes of the Golden Age, and the Four Winds, the delights of my prolonged exile. Is there still time to change the translation of the title (Dorothea Tanning) "dream it..." to "It's to dream or leave it". If so, I'm sure you won't mind accepting this proposal. Dorothea is almost completely recovered from the terrible illness she suffered towards the end of last year, and has asked me to express her sympathy [...]". He sends her the model of the Laughter of the Poets with collages. "Another collage is currently at J.-L. Barrault's (for Ch. Morgenstern). Don't forget to ask for it for the book. A sixth collage was to accompany one of my poems, Les Obscurs. I have made a new translation of it which seems to me a little more accurate and beautiful than the one which appeared in Paramythes (with all due respect to Rob. Valençay). I add the reproduction of the ordinary edition of better quality than the "de luxe" one for the features [...]". He still evokes his exhibition at Jolas, the tests of a lithography "by the process of rubbing", etc.
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