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René Char
76 autograph letters signed to Henri Parisot. 112 pp. in-4, in-8 and in-12. Céreste, Mougins, Paris, "on the front", Le Cannet and l'Isle-sur-Sorgue, 1935-1949. Magnificent correspondence, of great interest for the history of the literature of this period and of surrealism, a good number of letters being written during the occupation. The names of Tzara, Eluard, Gisèle Prassinos, Picasso, Picabia, Breton, Dali, Arp, etc., rub shoulders. Like this first letter dated May 19, 1935, written on orange paper, which summarizes the tone and interest of the whole: his relationship with surrealism and surrealists, his life withdrawn from the Parisian effervescence, his political considerations. "The surrealist menu you sent me does not whet my appetite. To consider it as a whole, it is a picture of first communion, in detail a set of serious faults. I am glad not to be associated with this enterprise. It's a pity that Éluard is taking part in it, it is certainly not - and I hope so - the same public that will applaud the antics of Dali gnawing on the bone of G. [Gala]. One day and another day Paul delivering poetry as he can. Finally... My situation has improved here, the ploughs are drawn: my seed buried. Perhaps I will soon be able to consider a tourist stay in Paris. It will be a pleasure for me to see you again and a very small number. In the meantime, keep me informed of the Parisian barometer". And to add in P.S. "Charming the Laval-Stalin agreement! The bastards! What prose! The bastards!". "[...]. I had read the report of the Dali conference in the "Canard enchaîné". What a pity! Surrealism in the process of becoming a capitalization enterprise! I am afraid that Dali is in the end the Rochette of surrealism... And the others? What a pity that Breton is not Breton - among the communists, chauvinism and bullshit exceed the imagination, which is undoubtedly alive, in poetry, a certain poetry! What do you think of it? [...]". Long passages deal with his own literary production. "My wife is setting out tomorrow. So you will have the manuscript of "Alone Remain" in the course of the week. The manuscript is complete. Only one poem "Escaped" is not finished. I'm working on it now. It's a long poem (about 80 lines). When I have finished it, I will send it to you; you will attach it to the manuscript. You will notice that "Formal sharing" has been increased by a few more aphorisms [...]. It is necessary to feel the pain or the pleasure by the image to lead it (the latter) to the metamorphoses of the second degree. (I speak to you and do not write you myself for lack of internal and external solitude...). The poet must not limit himself to scratch the unspeakable matter from which the waiting and the impatience do not have any more sense so much the silence is mobile and concrete (the silence of our kingdom). The poet trembles vertically [...]".
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