Member of the Institute Sword of academician... - Lot 32 - Tessier & Sarrou et Associés

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Member of the Institute Sword of academician... - Lot 32 - Tessier & Sarrou et Associés
Member of the Institute Sword of academician of Mr François-Antoine BOISSY D'ANGLAS. Superb silver mounting chased in high relief. Marked 1st rooster. Rocket with mother-of-pearl plates surmounted on the front by "Isis Pharia". Guard with a branch decorated with foliage and a lion's head. Keyboard finely chiseled with Roman-style attributes. Beautifully engraved triangular blade, gilded and blued in third. Black leather sheath. Cut silver cape, enriched with foliage, engraved on the back "Sword of François-Antoine Boissy d'Anglas elected to the Institute on August 3, 1804". Oval pearled cap button. Bouterolle engraved with water leaves. Length : 99,5 cm. T.B.E. François-Antoine BOISSY D'ANGLAS. (Ardèche, 1756- Paris, 1826). French man of letters and politician. Son of a Protestant doctor from the Ardèche, Boissy d'Anglas studied law and settled in Paris where he was a lawyer at the Parliament. He bought the office of butler of Monsieur, Count of Provence, the future Louis XVIII. He became known for his criticism of absolutism and his fight in favor of the Protestants. He was elected deputy of the Third State to the States General of 1789. He voted for the appeal to the people, the banishment of Louis XVI and the reprieve (January 20, 1793) then in April for the impeachment of Marat. Elected member of the Committee of Public Safety on 25 February, year III, he was in charge of the supply of Paris. Promoter of the decree of ventôse 3, instituting the separation of the Churches and the State and the freedom of worship. Elected in September 1795 to the Council of Five Hundred In 1801 he was appointed to the Tribunate, then to the conservative Senate in 1804 and he found his seat at the Institute. Napoleon made him Count of the Empire on April 26, 1808. He was named Peer of France in 1815. He was vice-president of the Bible Society and member of the Consistory of the Reformed Church of France from 1803 to 1826. Distinction: Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor
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