Sword of academician having belonged to... - Lot 1 - Tessier & Sarrou et Associés

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Sword of academician having belonged to... - Lot 1 - Tessier & Sarrou et Associés

Sword of academician having belonged to André DAMIEN, made by Raymond CORBIN.

Spurred by a lictor beam, pommel decorated with a burning bush in the round. Guard with a branch cut out, decorated with the anchor of the

Mercy, the alpha and omega, the cogwheel of the weapon of the train, and the initials of its owner "A.D".

Quillon curved downward decorated with the arms of the "City of Versailles".

Rectangular body knot decorated on each side :

- the façade of the Palais Bourbon.

- of the allegory of the Republic.

- of an open book.

- of the date "12 DEC... 1994 AD"

The body knot is engraved on the bottom "ANDRE DAMIEN 12-7-1993 -SC MORALES 12-3-96 - Sc CORBIN".

Straight blade with medial edge, punched on the heel.

Scabbard covered with black chagrin with two silver trimmings. Knob of cap in lawyer's hat.

Minerve title mark and goldsmith's mark.

Length : 96 cm.

With its black velvet carrying case.

Attached are Raymond Corbin's original preparatory models, in plaster, of the different elements of the sword : fusee, guard branch, quillon, the different faces of the body knot and the clevis knob.


The description of André Damien's sword can be found on the website of the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques.

Made by Raymond Corbin, member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, the sword of André Damien gathers the following symbols:

- On the fuse, the bundle of lictors, symbol of civil authority and imperium because André Damien was for twenty years mayor of Versailles.

The lictors' bundles also recall Cardinal Mazarin who wore them in his arms.

- Under the fuse, a four-sided capital bears on its different sides the representation of books, symbols of culture and bibliophily; Marianne, symbol of the French Republic, recalling André Damien's career at the Conseil d'Etat; the façade of the Palais Bourbon, which recalls André Damien's presence at the National Assembly, in particular at the law commission; the initials of André Damien (A.D.) and the date of his election to the Académie (1994).

- On the guard, the arms of the city of Versailles, where André Damien lived, of which he was president of the Bar, mayor and deputy; the Anchor of Mercy, which gathers sinners to bring them to eternal values, recalling the doctrinal rigor of André Damien's Catholicism; a cogwheel, symbol of the Train arm, in which André Damien ended his military career as a colonel.

- The button of the hat is a lawyer's hat, a reminder of André Damien's career as a lawyer, a profession of which he was the deontologist.

To complete this description, the burning bush is that of Moses, symbolizing the faith of André Damien.

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