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15000 - 20000 EUR


Butterfly love, 2003

Oil on canvas, signed and dated 2003 lower left

110 x 130 cm


Feng Zhengjie, born in 1968 in Sichuan province, is an artist based in Beijing and Jeju Island, South Korea. He is an art teacher in high school and college in Sichuan and arrived in Beijing in 1995.

His best known work is his Portrait of China series, very large Warhol-style oil portraits in a red and turquoise palette of faces of Chinese fashion models with divergent and empty eyes (his characteristic style). Critics see his work as a critique of contemporary consumer society. His early paintings were inspired by the Shanghai posters of the 1930's. His more recent work is based on the red and green of traditional Chinese New Year art, the colours made "more acidic, a representation of the commercial and flashy nature of modern China".

Feng Zhengjie's "exotic colorful style" comes from a traditional design called "Mian Zhu Nian Hua", which is created and used in a Sichuan village called "Mian Zhu". The first appearance of Mian Zhu Nian Hua dates back to the Song Dynasty. It became very popular during the Ming Dynasty and reached its peak during the Qing Dynasty. It reflects people's optimistic attitude towards life and work.

In an interview, Feng said that he grew up in a very small village in Sichuan province and that the traditional colourful drawings reminded him of his childhood, which was also the main reason why he started drawing in a unique style. In his paintings, Feng likes to use very vivid colors such as pure bright red, bright pink and bright green to draw the background and characters. Most of the characters in his drawings are women with sexy lips and divergent, empty eyes.

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