Art of Asia

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Top Lots of the Sale:

- "Buddha statue in cream" - China - Ming Era (1368 - 1644); turquoise blue and aubergine glazed stoneware, seated in dhyanasana on a lotiform pedestal, the petals stamped with stylized lotus in slight relief, resting on a hexagonal pedestal decorated with friezes of lotus petals. Measured at H. 67.5 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 58,850 - 70,600

- "Porcelain pottery called fahua" - China - Late Era Ming (1368 - 1644); enameled decoration in purple, turquoise, cream and manganese peonies and peacocks among the rocks. The lid decorated with flowering branches and the lotus-shaped budding. (Crack in the lid inside, some wear). Measured at H. 42 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 47,100 - 58,850

- "Rectangular box in black lacquer inlaid with mother-of-pearl chips" (Cracks and accidents inside) - China - Wanli Period (1573 - 1620); Measured at Dim. 12 x 43 x 26 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 11,800 - 17,650

- "Stele in gray sandstone" - Cambodia - Khmer Period, Angkor Vat, 12th century; adorned with a Ganesh sitting in padmasana on a lotus-shaped base, in front of a mandorle. The stela is decorated with an inscription. Measured at Dim. 92 x 39 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 11,800 - 17,650

- "Vase of baluster shape in porcelain" - China - Jiajing Era (1522 - 1566); decorated in blue under cover of four dragons evolving among the lotus flowers in their foliage on the belly, the neck adorned with a swastika frieze. Measured at H. 33 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 11,800 - 14,150

- "Large enamelled porcelain cup" - Japan, ovens Kutani, Era Edo (1603 - 1868), seventeenth century; green, yellow, blue and manganese inside a four-lobed reserve decorated with a scholar on a bridge, surrounded by four reserves. Measured at Diam. 47 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 9,420 - 11,800

- "Large statue of Guanyin" - China - 18th / 19th century; standing in bronze with brown patina decorated inlaid with silver threads of clouds on her dress, her hands clasped in front of her. On the back, the brand Qing Tang Shi Sou. Measured at H. 50 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 9,420 - 11,800

- "Porcelain brush holder" - China - Transition Period, 17th Century; decorated in blue under cover of scholars engaged in various activities (game of go, game qin) among stylized clouds, vegetation and furniture. Measured at H 14.7 cm. Diam. 18.6 cm. Estimated Price: US$ 8,250 - 9,420

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June 18, 2:00 PM